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I have been very tensed off lately with my business losses. Cannot discuss at home with my family. Had a nice 30 minutes chat with a therapist from a coffee shop. It felt nice and light after that. Feeling much better now.


I don’t know how to tell my husband about the issues I face at home when he is away at work. I can hardly go out. So, it was very comforting to have a talk with the therapist from the privacy of my room. I am feeling relieved and less anxious now.


I have been feeling very confused about my tussle with my father. No one at home understands my point of view. I had to talk to someone and thus reached out to a therapist from a garden near my office. It was easy, convenient and peaceful.


Hi! I’m Prerna and I am 25 years old. A senior colleague of mine has been eyeing me with weird gestures which makes me feel highly uncomfortable. One day while I was in the conference room alone he came and started misbehaving and touching me inappropriately which made me feel extremely uncomfortable.

No one would have believed me if I would have raise my voice as this man has a very good reputation in the office. Everyone feels he is a kind and a good human and holds him in high esteem. I wish I could share this with someone but have the fear of losing my job and my prestige.

I’m Harleen , 35 years of age and married for 15 years.

Have developed a fondness with a colleague of mine. We are getting close to each other over a period of past few days. He seems to understand me and makes me feel very comfortable. Spending time with him makes me very happy. But am very confused with the thought that whether it’s attraction or love. This has also started bothering me if am betraying or cheating on my husband. Can’t talk to anyone on this issue because people may misunderstand. But i really want to share this with someone who isn’t biased or judgmental and understands my thoughts and feeling behind this.

Nikki is a 27-year-old woman whose family had an extensive history of alcoholism and some drug use. Nikki began to drinking and using marijuana at the age of 11, and by 20 she was hooked to heroin and cocaine. Her life was in disarray as a result of her addictions. She married a man she hardly knew, Was forced to give up her children from previous relationships, and was convicted of four felony thefts within one year. Nikki entered inpatient treatment, which consisted of detoxification and group and individual therapy. Though diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 12, Nikki only first began using medication for bipolar disorder during this treatment phase. This medication helped her bipolar symptoms; however, her addictions were still powerful and produced “very strong urges,” including dreams of drugs and alcohol and a continous taste of them in her mouth.

I am Mansi, mother of a 10 years old school going girl. Currently I am extremely worried due to behavioral issues she exhibiting at school. She suddenly became very argumentative and defiant and would sometimes refuse to comply with the teacher’s request. I am extremely upset as the school calls me regularly to express their concern about her behavior.


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